Moving Soon

Last month I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. I was given the chance to move to France and grow my company brand. However, knowing my deadline to leave did not leave me much time to list my current home and find a potential buyer with a reasonable price. The clock was running and I instantly felt the pressure to accept an offer no matter how good it was. My first step was finding a realtor to help me list my home. That is when I found THE place for real estate in Modesto Ca. I was told that they were very professional and could begin helping me immediately. The next morning I called in and was told I could have a sit down meeting with the company later that afternoon. I went in with certain expectations and was blown away. They partnered me with a realtor and she sat down to talk about pricing and the needs I hoped to have met with the sale. Immediately she took my notes and got all the paperwork ready and had my house on the market faster than I ever expected. She help an open house and had a lot of traffic in and out during the following weeks, and to my amazement I had an offer for higher than my initial price before I left the country. This Company was dedicated from the very beginning to me as their client and kept the drive until the end goal was met. I highly recommend this Modesto Real Estate Company to anyone who is looking to list their home. They have incredible customer service, and are an honest company to both parties in the deal. I was able to leave feeling excited and ready for my next adventure in life rather than feeling pressured and anxious about not having everything tied up back home. I owe a lot of thanks to this  Company and would advise anyone looking to stop in and talk with their representatives.


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